Storage Space

Storage space


Renting of flexible storage space for professionals

Your enterprise needs a temporary or permanent storage space? You stock your property on a palette? Do not worry - Gestilog offers you a solution. Our warehouses have a sufficient capacity.

Let your enterprise win in efficiency, and save your money, no matter what it is - stocking your archives or storage in a sales department such as intermediate stockage or a small logistic stocking hub. Solution of flexible stocking for big and small enterprises - we rent storage spaces.

With Gestilog you have the choice of all size spaces – from small (1 m3) to big (1000 m2 and more), for a short (1 week) or long term, according to your needs. Our warehouses have an individual alarm and are protected from curious eyes. Our spaces are under video surveillance.

You can store your goods without worrying.

5 good reasons to stock at the place of Gestilog:
- A one- week term, or as long as you want it
- Size adapted to your needs
- Burglar alarm and video surveillance
- Premises dry and tempered
- We help you with your transport

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