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About us

Gestilog is a society of real estate brokerage in Switzerland. It offers a selection of property located in Switzerland to be rented or sold, according to surface criteria.
Passion-driven, Gestilog is notable for its «know-how» and recognized in warehouse management as well as in management of industrial property patrimony. Our services include commercialisation and search of premises, investment, valuation,construction advice and project management, as well as market research and different services to enterprises.

The group has key partners in Switzerland offering multimode industrial platforms with big capacities of stocking.

Owners, Occupiers, Investors:

Gestilog is one of the main French-speaking Swiss agent of enterprise real estate. We competently provide to potential owners, occupiers and investors different services, such as: putting occupants in contact with business premises owners, emailing the possible tenants about a case that meets their demands, giving supplementary services to the owners and investors in order to place in a good light the property to be rented or sold.

In giving a perfect understanding of real estate market and first rate services to its clients, Gestilog has the only objective: provide the clients with exceptional service based on perfect understanding of their needs and expectations.

Thanks to its «know-how» and its position of industrial expert in logistics, Gestilog can accompany its clients at any time in their logistical process, be they investors, promoters, institutional or public users or financial intermediaries.

The Gestilog team

Devotedly accompanying its clients, the Gestilog team offers real estate solutions adapted to every plan.

The team brings precious help as a part of logistical deployments of its clients:
  • Conception, realisation of corresponding property tools adapted to the nature of demand
  • Offer of capacities of stocking adapted to products and to their restraints

Within the development of an enterprise, the team scrutinizes for its clients all possibilities of locating administrative, commercial, industrial and other services.

Working in Geneva, the Gestilog team - specialists of local or regional real estate market - will introduce to you premises adapted to your plan of purchase or rent. Thanks to its expert network and a very good knowledge of the market, Gestilog is always available and reactive to all the plans of its clients.

6 reasons for calling upon Gestilog's services :

  • Advice from real estate professionals
  • The experience of Gestilog's interveners
  • In-depth knowledge of local and regional micro markets
  • The trust that exists between Gestilog and its clients
  • Respect of our commitments
  • Overall service to companies, from needs analysis to advice on fitting out the premises